Plastic hangers - light and easy to deal with all kinds of clothes

Time: 2021-10-14 17:47:14

Clothes hangers are an indispensable daily necessities for every family, especially in summer, personal clothes may be washed every day, and clothes hangers are indispensable when drying clothes. The clothes hanger that is readily available, in addition to general usage, can be easily modified to deal with all kinds of clothes after simple modification. I believe that after learning this method, you will make others look at you with admiration and become a clothes drying expert.

1. Type bending method

Method: Bend the two corners of the hanger upwards.

Use 1: special drying rack for vest

When drying undershirts and vests, it is easy for the shoulder straps to slip off. In fact, you only need to bend the two sides of the hanger to solve the problem!

Use 2: drying shoe rack

You don’t need to spend money to buy special shoe drying racks for shoes, you can make your own in just 3 seconds. When using it, you can adjust the curvature on both sides according to the size of the shoe, which will be more useful.

2. Elongated half-fold method

Method: Pull the hanger down from the middle of the bar to form a rod.

The round clothespins are usually directly hooked on the clothes rail, but if the hanging is too high and it is inconvenient to use, you can use the clothes hanger to adjust the height to increase convenience!

3. Circular folding method

Method: After pulling down the clothes hanger, slowly extend it around and adjust it into a circular arc.

The pillow is bulky and fluffy, so it is difficult to hang it with clothespins to dry. To solve the problem of drying pillows, you only need to use two round clothes hangers, put the pillows in them (one left and one right), and you can lay them flat and dry

4. Empty bottle hanger

Method: Put the washed two small empty bottles on both sides of the hanger respectively, and insert them with a little force until they are locked and fixed.

Use a small empty bottle to increase the thickness and support of the hanger, so that the clothes can be "supported" and dry faster.

5. Curved trouser hanger

Method: 1) Pull down the horizontal bar in the middle of the hanger slightly to form an arc;

2) Fold the crossbar slightly forward.