What are the purchasing skills of plastic coat hangers?

Time: 2022-05-27 17:57:10

The tips for purchasing plastic hangers are as follows: 1. Before choosing a plastic hanger, you must fully understand its advantages and disadvantages, and judge where it should be used. The advantages of plastic hangers are that they are cheap, light and easy to carry, and rich in color, but the disadvantages are that they are deformed and broken due to excessive load, and their luster and aesthetics will be reduced during use. Generally speaking, plastic hangers are very cost-effective. Both dry clothes and wet clothes can be hung, but they should not be overweight during use. 2. There are three tips for purchasing plastic hangers. The first is to gently squeeze and stretch the hanger with your hands to see if its firmness and resilience are good; the second is to check whether the color is bright and clear, and the corner of the plastic with good craftsmanship The color is uniform and the texture is excellent, indicating that the production process is better; the third is to choose from the brand, and the quality of the hanger with high reputation is of course more guaranteed.1667453250133174.jpg